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LOGLINE: SAN CHA’S ASCENSION will be a feature-length documentary following the creation of the opera, ASUNCIÓN. Against this backdrop will be a profile of San Cha exploring her rich backstory as a first generation Mexican-American fusing tradition with iconoclasm and her life leading up to the staging of this opera.

Elsewhere Love Poster

LOGLINE: An abstract poetic piece that focuses on rebirth from heartbreak.

* image used is a concept for the short film

LOGLINE: As haunting dissociative episodes blur the line between her present reality
and her troubled past, a young Chicana poet grapples with her deepest fears,
confronting the shadows that threaten to unravel her psyche.

* image used is a concept for the short film

LOGLINE: In the isolated Mexican Sierra Madres, a young ranchera baker is confronted
by an unwelcome spirit just before the anniversary of her mother's death, unearthing
mysteries that connect the living and the otherworldly.

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