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ESTOY BIEN, NO ES NADA is a story that I have been unconsciously piecing together in my mind for

many years.I started writing and directing my own stories as a form of healing from past trauma.

A fearless attempt to give my wounds a different meaning and to alchemize them into a universal

human experience that could be shared, felt, and understood by others.

Creatively, I draw from the emotional well of my life experiences; from recurring visuals that have

haunted my mind. ESTOY BIEN, NO ES NADA is no exception and first came to fruition

in the form of a poem. The story is extremely important to me because I lived it.

Through making the poem and short script I was able to move through parts of

myself that I viciously tried to ignore. Healing is a deep, raw, and uncomfortable
journey but that journey leads to beautiful self-realizations and self-acceptance.

My intent for the short film is for the audience to understand how trauma somatically affects us,

how we’ve been unconsciously holding onto that trauma, and how to begin processing

those experiences with compassion and without judgment.

The psychological drama plays with shadows, deep space, extreme details, visceral sounds,

and rhythmic editing. The Void moments serve as a glimpse into the dark parts of Luz’s subconscious. I took

inspiration from arthouse film, UNDER THE SKIN, where this part of the world would feel strange and cold.

Her waking life is detailed, loud, raw, and highly surreal. The soundscape of Luz’s reality is reminiscent of

the eeriness in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Her anxiety manifesting as a tick and charge in her body holds

the psychological suspense that unfolds in Hitchock’s work, specifically VERTIGO, and how the

character's fears are used against them.



As haunting dissociative episodes blur the line between her present reality and her troubled past, a young Chicana poet grapples with her deepest fears, confronting the shadows that threaten to unravel her psyche.

The short film is currently seeking investors, funding, and principle crew members.

* images used are a concept for the short film

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