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A Black Woman Speaks

poetry short film, in post
This powerful piece written by author, poet and activist Beah Elizabeth Richardson, and performed by April Grace, takes an Afrofuturistic dive deep into the complex and often brutal relationship between Black women and white womanhood. Though Richards' poem was written in the 1950s, this cinematic adaptation and experience resonates profoundly in the current struggle against white privilege and supremacy, and shines a light on a voice that is often lost in the crowd: the voice of a Black woman. Woods' fresh take on the text highlights how the intersections of race, culture and class impact all women's lives, shattering our preconceived ideas of one another and opening up a conversation for all to have.
performed by April Grace
directed by Chelsea Woods
produced by Ebony Tay, Chelsea Woods, April Grace
cinematography by Kaliah Robinson
edited by Steph Zenee Perez 
music by Ebony Tay
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